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Saturday August 27, 2016


Member since: August 21, 2006
Last visit: January 25, 2016
Name: Matilda
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Location: Union Of Myanmar
Country: Myanmar
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Where is the Love
Fav. Video: Don't Phunk with my Heart
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PLAse Pray for the victims of the cyclone Nargis

category: Anything | May 12 | @282 | comments comments(13)

This is the Largest disaster of all time that the cylone HIt Myanmar.I'm from Myanmar and the cylone didn't hit the city I live in.Cause IT hit the bottom of the country and I live in the middle of the country.That delta is calle Ayeyarwady delta and also called RIce Pot of Myanmar cause most of the rice fields are grown there.Now people who is suvrived from the cyclone are starving ,seeking shelters and risking diseases.If they don't get the aid between 2 or 3 days they'll die in poverty.I can't do nothing for my own people .ALl i can is only pray for them.So i won't ask you many.PLz pray for them.Pls remember when you pray.Whoever or Whatever you are believed or trusted in.Whatever your...


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08/04/10 @819
I am soo good thanx Matilda.. Sorry for late reply..
Long time didn't talk with you..
How r you?? Whats new with you?
07/23/10 @728
Hi Matilda
08/21/09 @743
hey i'm good how about you? not yet i'll go back 2 school on next week, what about you? same here, i listened them just coz bep but i already changed my music taste lol have you seen "UP" yet? one part of this film was almost tear me down. not much, i wanted to photograph but the weather is soooo hot in here and always raining. so i haven't done any photography in this vacation. AHH just wanted 2 tell you something that made me mad few days ago. i went 2 a park in other town just for photography, a security didnt let me enter there coz she said there was storm signal. omg but i saw 2 guys could enter there. it's unfair. why boys could go there but i couldnt? i really dun get what's wrong. it was just one case, they always afraid to take any risk to do something. but there was no risk coz the weather is good even there was storm signal. btw why dun u come 2 online on msn lately? love you x
08/07/09 @864
aww with your friends? i drink but i dun smoke. for me, drinking is a relaxation actually and i rly dun like the smell of smoking. I dunno Meg & Dia, where they come from? I haven't seen Harry Potter coz I'm not that interested in this movie. What about you? I have seen "UP" this movie, do u know it? I think One Tribe is my fav song now, my fav always changes. what about you? and do you like their new music style? Btw have you just finished your study? i mean you already graduated the university? or u still need to study one more year?
08/07/09 @842
hun i saw ur msg on facebook. i haven't received your sms :( what's wrong? maybe u can try again? Love You xoxo
07/23/09 @789
and i guess those 3 lil girls are your students ; )?

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